Our panels pictureVoltaics are at The cutting edge of innovation

Produce more, for longer thanks to our advanced photovoltaic panels.

Because you will only invest once in a lifetime, our goal is to offer you the most robust panels for the best possible return, with guarantees of up to 30 years.

Powerful, they cover a maximum of uses, on the same roof area and maximize your savings.

Discover our solar panels

Full Black panel

Aesthetics, without compromising on performance

450 Wc
30 years
A harmonious and elegant design
Increased production thanks to TOPCon technology
Bi-glass & bifiacial panel

Power, reliability and robustness

425 Wc
30 years
Durability guaranteed over time thanks to bi-glass technology
A bifacial technology to produce on both sides of the module
Linear performance guaranteed for 30 years
Heterojunction panel

Produce more, longer

450 Wc
30 years
Exceptional performance thanks to its technological innovation
Better energy production, even when it's hot
Maximum production, even on cloudy days

Mylight150, photovoltaic panels at the cutting edge of innovation

In search of the best possible performance

To ensure maximum profitability of your installation, you need maximum production. Also, we offer panels at the cutting edge of innovation.

The technology of tomorrow: heterojunction.

Specializing in bifacial bi-glass for many years, we are now the first to offer the technology of tomorrow: heterojunction.

The best performance over time

By choosing mylight panels, you are choosing the best performance over time (30-year guarantees) without compromising on aesthetics.

Photovoltaic panels

Solar panels with undeniable qualities

To allow you to fully exploit solar energy, our photovoltaic panels are manufactured with the greatest care, combining innovation and premium quality.


Ils résistent aux vents violents, chutes de grêle ou neige et aux conditions météorologiques les plus extrêmes.


The panels are an ancient technology that has been proven in the most extreme conditions, such as on satellites.

Environmentally friendly

94.7%: recovery rate for a photovoltaic module based on crystalline silicon with an aluminum frame. *source : https://www.pvcycle.fr)


The performance of a solar panel is maintained for more than 30 years.

Photovoltaic panels

Photovoltaic panels produced with the highest quality standards

Our photovoltaic panels are manufactured in Tier 1 factories, which are the best rated on the market.

Our installers are selected 
and qualified by us

They are subject to rigorous controls, on the production line (where they undergo 3 electroluminescence tests to eliminate any defect) and until they arrive in our warehouses.

The highest quality standards

Our panels are manufactured in China, in 100% automated factories, according to our demanding mylight150 specifications. They are certified in Germany, according to European IEC standards.

Photovoltaic panels

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